Case: Oulu

Case: Oulu


OULLabs (Oulu Urban Living Labs) is a network built for companies and organizations that enables companies to test products always in authentic environments and with authentic users. OULLabs is Living Lab –acting as its best: it gives an entrance to target segment users when ever necessary. Via us companies can peek in to your customers hopes: user driven planning is realized with OULLabs.

OULLabs-network connects companies or organizations, service providers, -developers and users to innovate and develop products and services together. This is a key factor for a growing and successful business and therefore also for affluent community.

OULLabs brings an easy and cost-effective way to get near the user of your product or service. OULLabs arose from a need: R&D directed from the beginning correctly is one of the most important premises of growing business success.

Objectives of OULLabs

  • To intensify the business for companies and communities by enabling user driven planning.
  • To create new markets for service providers in its partner net.
  • To help networking and collaboration both locally and globally.
  • To open a window of opportunity to Oulu region Living Labs and companies to reach European markets, companies and other Living Labs and services
  • To create and implement development project activities within its partner net.

OULLabs services

OULLabs helps customers to expedite growth of their business by helping them to utilize the infrastructures and networks for co-creation of user-centric appliances, services and solutions. OULLabs offers services for all development phases. OULLabs acts as a service provider or finds a suitable service provider from its wide network to fulfill customer needs.

OULLabs offers:

  • Test Project Management Services
  • Test User Services
  • Test Environments
  • Expert and Specialist Services